10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer

Tom Hirst
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Could You Be A Better Freelancer?

Right now, are you:

  • Finding it difficult to market yourself?

  • Struggling to attract well-paying clients?

  • Unsure how to price your products and services?

  • Lacking confidence in project negotiations?

  • Working lots of hours to make a living?

  • Unfulfilled due to a lack of choice in what you do?

  • Prone to procrastination and wasting time?

  • Conflicted between your work, family and social lives?

  • Having problems finding balance?

I've been there. So I changed things by improving my freelancing game.

That's how I know my 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer can get you ahead too.

Prepare to be armed with the knowledge to get paid what you're worth, work smarter and find balance through freelancing.


The chapters of this book hold the precise action I take to create a well-paid, efficient and flexible life as a freelancer.

The 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer are:

1. Hold Yourself Accountable

2. Refine Your Position

3. Profile Your Ideal Client

4. Make Yourself Known

5. Understand Pricing Deeply

6. Become A Negotiator

7. Introduce Structure

8. Automate and Outsource

9. Do A Good Job, Hone Your Skills and Stay Relevant

10. Seek Balance

10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer contains 10,000 words of clear and concise information across 66 pages.

Each section is detailed and easy to follow, with some chapters split into subsections to make things even easier to digest.


The principles in The 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelance will help you to get better at:

  • Marketing yourself

  • Getting paid what you're worth

  • Being time efficient

  • Finding focus

  • Prioritising self-care

  • Winning higher-value projects

  • Client negotiations

  • Running a solo-business

  • Achieving balance

My Story

I'm a long-time freelance web developer who loves helping others get ahead by sharing my experiences.

The theory in 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer is exactly what I follow to make a great living from freelancing each month.

For over a decade, I've been freelancing remotely for companies around the world.

I've worked on projects for the likes of the NHS, Facebook, Umbro, TGI Fridays and BMW.

But I didn't always have great clients who pay well, a flexible work routine and control of my day-to-day life.

It's taken years of work to build a successful freelancing career and find a healthy work/life balance alongside it.

Through 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer, I'd love to share what I've learned with you so that you can apply it to your circumstances and improve them.

Are You Ready To Become A Better Freelancer?

If your freelancing career is yet to take off, you're thinking about going freelance or even if things are ticking over nicely but you're ready to move it up a gear – there's value inside 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer for you.

Start your journey to becoming a better freelancer today by clicking the "I want this!" button now.

Pay what you like (it's FREE) and enjoy!

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10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer

124 ratings
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